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About Us

Vicki Monaghan

Vicki’s much-loved husband, Ron, passed away from prostate cancer in June 2019. He was 65. Diagnosed at Stage 4, he courageously lived with advanced cancer for four years, taking every opportunity to talk to others about the importance of early detection.

Ron is highly respected within the union movement, in his career as an official, and also as a loyal member, and he also served on many boards in his working life. He is greatly missed by Vicki, their eight children and six grandchildren, and all those who knew him.

Vicki is a retired secondary school physical education teacher and a member of the construction industry union. She understands the devastating impact of prostate cancer and is passionate about the health and safety of workers and very keen to encourage prostate awareness….as a legacy to her beloved Ron and his determination to try and make a difference

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